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Thank you for choosing a Swedish product. We are constantly working on environmentally oriented product development to make sure that the products  has as little impact on the environment as possible.
Leif Löf, Chemist and product developer

Welcome to Kempartner- your Private Label supplier

Kempartner develops and produces chemicals made for cleaning, laundry, washing, hygiene, car and boat care. Among our customers that we supply with chemicals, you can find several major brands, both B2B and B2C companies.

Kempartner makes it easy for you

We realize your idea about a product to becaome a real product - all the way to the store. We can take care of everything in this chain or selected parts, depending on your preference. In close collaboration, we strive to be a challenging and rewarding partners. We are leading the market when it comes to  environment and efficiency. We manufacture quality products that achieve the best results, but the environmental impact is minimal. Kempartner is the first chemical company that is climate neutral and we work for sustainable development.


Kempartner acquires Westlén Industries. For more information contact 

Leif Löf makes a statement in the newspaper DN about Absolut Rent, today Ocean was sued by the company Vin & Sprit.
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Kempartner offers in cooperation with the Swedish manufactures of plastic, raw material from controlled sugarplants and producers. 
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klimatneutralt foretag

Climate neutral comnpany

Kempartner is the first chemical company that is climate neutral. We make sure that our activities will not contribute to global climate change.

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Private Label

We offer a wide range of qualitative and environmentally friendly products such as detergents, dishwashing, cleaning, hygiene and car care and more.


Fire foam

We have extensive industry experience and knowledge to manufacture and develop environmentally fire foam without PFSO - for practice, industry, firefighting and offshore.