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Kempartner makes it easy for you. We realize your product from idea - all the way to the store.

We can do everything in this chain or selected parts, depending on your preference.

In close collaboration, we strive to be a stimulating and rewarding partner. We are leading the market in terms of cleaning capacity and efficiency. We manufacture quality products that achieve the best results but the environmental impact is minimal. We want to share that knowledge with you and the added value that can be yours.

A fast and flexible quality partner
Kempartner is a flexible partner that can quickly adapt and offer you efficient production at short as well as the long runs. Of course, we offer the highest quality from the selection of raw materials to delivery.

Today we have the capacity to produce volumes that far exceed the level that occurs today. The distribution is 65% liquid products and 36% powder products.

The operations require a permit under the Environmental Code and monitored under the specific control of the Administrative Board.

All the water from the factory goes into a closed sewage systems with storage tanks. The water is checked according to a specific control before pumping to the sewage treatment plant. This is to ensure that no uncontrolled release to take place, which guarantees high safety for our common environment.

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