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Certificats and labels

Climate neutral enterprise

Our products are manufactured at our sister company's factory, Kempartner AB, which is located in Vadstena.
As a climate-neutral company you are actively working to reduce the impact on the climate. The action program provides systematic work and tools to calculate and reduce its emissions. The action program is designed for companies and organizations who want a practical and concrete framework for its work with the climate.
Working method

The programs follow the UN definition for climate neutrality, and calculations are done according to the GHG Protocol. The members are actively working on gradually reducing their climate impact.
In order to become a Climate neutral enterprise you have to go through 3 steps
Step 1: Climate impact accouting
 The first and most important step in a credible climate strategy is to calculate and account for your climate impact.

Step 2: Action Plan
The Second step of the programme is to define and establish an action plan of emission reducing measures.

Step 3: Carbon offset
After climate impact accounting and a set action plan, follows the third part of the action programme: carbon offsets. .
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ISO 14001

Ocean is since October 3, 2002 certified according to ISO 14001.

This means that all work is screened in accordance with ISO 14001, which is a document that controls everything from manufacturing to the use, production and management, and ensures that no deviations from the standard occurs. For our customers this means a security which the requirements for environmental quality is getting tougher.

The environmental management system is well established in the company and its management, and it leads to continued improvement of environmental issues and that we take environmental responsibility to our customers and employees.  Our products are of course remaining our internal requirements for optimum power and minimal environmental impact.


Svanen (The Swan) is the official Nordic ecolabel operated on behalf of the government and is a non-profit organization. Svanen examines the environmental impacts of products and services throughout their life cycle from raw material to waste.

Svanen sets climate and environmental demands such as requirements on function and quality high. Svanens vision is a sustainable society with sustainable consumption.
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Bra Miljöval (Good environmental choice)

Bra Miljöval is SSNC tools to achieve a society in balance with nature. The label indicates that the product meets the requirements of the Society criteria.

Bra Miljöval criteria can be found in different areas so that the requirements are different. All criteria are based on the same grounds: to conserve natural resources. Materials can be returned to nature, reused or recycled.
For more information, visit the Good Environmental Choice website.