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Klimatneutralt företag 

Kempartner is the manufacture of the world's first climate-neutral detergent!

We make it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 000 000 kg

Today, most scientists agree that emissions of carbon dioxide contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming. As you already know Kempartner take active responsibility for the environment. Besides, we always first with the latest technology on environmental adaptation, we have taken the step to make the detergent even more economic because we know that what affects the environment more than the washing agent is transportation.

We have made it twice as efficent, which means that we transport only half as much. You also carry home half as much and it is enough for twice as long. It then washes cleaner than other detergent into the bargain. How far is none other manufacturers of detergents!

Kempartner and the brand OCEAN is now taking another step. We are now the first detergent to take environmental responsibility all the way. OCEAN is now carbon neutral. Read here for more infromation:

This means that when you are using Ocean, you don't contribute to any carbon dioxide emissions. We have decided to be the first detergent brand that neutralize the small part emission of CO2 the detergent still contributing through its shipments of raw materials and finished product. Six months ago, OCEAN began an cooperation with Respect Europe ( which means that all the CO2 emissions derived from OCEAN neutralized. This means that OCEAN in cooperation with Respect Europe invest money in the corresponding United sanctioned environment around the world. Pair Partial this optional ones and important undertaking work OCEAN further intensively to develop products that better reduce emissions from our production of detergents and other cleaning products.