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Activity adapted for those with high demands on flexibility

Kempartner are able to quickly develop products tailored to your needs and purposes. With us is the knowledge, accuracy and creativity required for successful product development. Kempartner also has the unique flexibility that enables us to be responsive to you as a customer and clients of smaller series.

We simplify the process
Kempartner choose raw materials for your requirements for the product, the environment and the economy. We make the process easier for you because we already have a wide prescription, a wide product range and solid knowledge in the field. Therefore we can offer you a quick and lean product development. We also help with the design and production of packaging.

A product is only as good as its weakest link
Whatever the purpose of your product is, you will get a product with high quality. We are able to measure the results and impact against competitive products in its own laboratory often under test institutes past practices. Therefore we can guarantee that your product will be as efficient as it can.

One step ahead in research and development
Kempartner have the ambition to achieve new dimensions in research and development. Our goal is to be one step ahead by developing new environmentally friendly products. We want to be a long term partner by atttillhandahålla intelligent packaging and innovative products that solve new problem areas in the market.

Specialists in eco-labeling and legislation
Do you want to develop environmentally friendly products that are Kempartner a natural choice of partner. We are experts in the environment and have knowledge of the authorities' requirements and applicable laws both nationally and internationally. Therefore, we can assist you with applications and enrollment to authorities such as the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate's product register, organizations for environmental labeling and Astma- and Allergy Association.