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Fire foam 

Kempartner is one of the few producers in Sweden which manufactures environmentally friendly fire foam to extinguish fires.


Uni-foam and Uni-light fire foam used in fire fighting. Production requires extensive quality checks and tests.

The products must also be approved by the various testing agencies and testing facilities. Uni-foam is a so-called "detergent foam liquid" and can be used against the common types of fires.

Uni-lite is an alcohol-resistant foam liquid used where flammable liquids such. alcohol and acetone are stored. Fire Foam excludes oxygen and suffocate thus the fire.
Our customers are CAA Emergency services, offshore company, offshore oil platforms and shipping companies and brandsläckartillverkare.
The COTS product line consists of environmentally friendly foam liquid concentrate mainly on exercises with the product Uni-foam Bio Yellow.
All products are completely free of the PFSO. Want to know more about Uni-foam and Uni-light fire foam?

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