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Kempartner acquires Westlén Industrier
Kempartner AB, Leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly chemical-technical products in laundry, detergents and car care / industrial chemistry, acquires through an incumbent Westléns industries, for example, the Nitor factory.

Westlen Industrier offers the production of qualitative chemical technical products to the Swedish trade and industry. The company with headquarters in Skebobruk has a turnover of approximately SEK 13 million. Westlén's owner Olov Westlén will continue working during the transition until June 2019 to be the company's resource for some two years.

"The acquisition of Westlén means that Kempartner AB strengthens its offer in Chemical Engineering. Private Label. A number of filling machines are taken over in connection with the acquisition and increase Kempartner's capacity. "

In order to meet our customers' demands, Kempartner recruits 3 people in production and a new increased resource for administration and customer service in Vadstena.

We will come forward in October to present our new employee Nina as of November 1 will be your contact regarding orders and deliveries.
For further information:

Fredrik Löf, CEO Kempartner AB 070-629 28 81

Leif Löf makes a statement in the newspaper DN

- Put it down, you have no chance.

It's Leif Löf's advice to Hans Dahlborn who is sued by liquor giant Absolut.

Leif was sentenced to more than two million in fines after being sued for exactly the same reason as Hans.

Read the article here (Swedish)

You can be even more environmental friendly by choosing bioplastics for your packages

Kempartner offers in cooperation with the Swedish manufacturers of plastics raw material from controlled sugar plants and producers, instead of crude oil in all bottles. It's good for the next generation.

For more information about bioplastics, press here. 


The Online magazine Advantage-environment writes about Ocean's detergent DubbelDryg that we are proud manufactures of.

“About ten years ago, the Swedish Consumer Agency asked a number of consumers about what they considered the most important criteria when purchasing detergent. In first place came detergent efficiency – the laundry should be clean, the second criteria was price and the third was the environmental impact. A similar market survey, conducted a few years ago, showed that the detergent’s effect on the environment and climate now had stepped up to first place. Efficiency and price were of course still important, but we can see a change in attitude of many consumers,” says Leif Löf, vice president, owner and founder of Kemibolaget AB in Bromma."

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