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Private Label 

Partner offers a wide range of qualitative and environmentally friendly products in some key areas;

• Laundry detergents
• Cleaning detergents
• Detergents for dishing
• Hygiene
• Car care products
• Even special range of products for various applications for use outdoors eg. Paint washing, decontamination liquids, decking cleaning.

Each product is developed to adapt today's consumer and industrial needs, also applies to today's needs for environmentally sound products and their labeling. Most products in the areas already developed by us, but a part of our service is to create products that idividually suits your business. Product Development cooperation means that each product is unique to your brand.

Kempartner aimed primarily at medium and large companies with volumes per individual product that does not exceed 1 million units. Our nish is developing and manufacturing products to companies who can not commit to the really big volumes per production run.

NOTE! We manufacture hygiene products such as liquid soap and shampoo in accordance with the new requirements for GMP production read more in the menu above!

To see sample range, click on the names of the key areas below

Care care & Industry, Skin care & Hygiene products, Cleaning products, Boat care & Navy,Dish Products,Laundry & Detergents, Outdoor.