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Awards and Honors

Announcement of winning a ” Global 100 Eco -Tech Awards”

Kemibolaget and Leif Löf is the winner of the Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards at the Expo 2005 in Japan.
121 countries participated in the world exhibition at the World Exposition in 2005 the AIC.

OCEAN's detergent DubbelDryg won the prize for best innovation for the environment.A great price for us in competition with the multinational detergent researchers in the world. The prize "Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards" has assigned us for our development of our concentrated detergent grounds

"Environmentally Friendly Detergent Which Needs Half the Usual Amount" 

The background to this newly established price is due to rapid technological development, the 20th century was characterized by mass production and mass consumption, which has led to a real tangible improvement in our daily lives. At the same time, this development has resulted in various global issues that desert expansion, global warming and the reduction of natural resources. As these issues can not be solved by one nation, the international community work together to solve these important problems. We must come together and share our experience and share our experience and knowledge to create a new direction for humanity which is both sustainable and in harmony with nature. "
In conjunction with the World Expo at Expo 2005 in Japan, it has instituted an Environmental Award for Global Ecological technology.

100 laureates worldwide have after a thorough evaluation by an international and national committee of environmental experts awarded this prestigious environmental award.

The prize winners received the award at a ceremony in the first centuries world exhibition in Japan on September 1, 2005. The prize is 65 000 SEK. World Expo ended September 25, 2005 after 185 days of opening.
The World Expo's focus is ecological balance in the world - sustainable development

The Swedish Kings Environmental prize goes to Kemibolaget

Board of the Foundation of King Carl XVI Gustaf's 50th Foundation has decided to award a scholarship of 50,000: - Leif Löf for his work with environmentally adapted product and method development.

Leif Löf is the founder of Kemibolaget in Bromma AB with famous brands like Trutest, RENTand Ocean, sold in both industries, retail and food stores. Leif, who is a chemist and head of product development in the company, has a great interest in the environment with a holistic approach to environmental issues that extend far beyond eco-labeling and environmental laws. Here are some examples of the environmental benefits, the company has created:

As a supplier to one of the largest oil companies with nationwide service stations and car wash, the Chemical Company under the trademark Trutest created an innovation in laundry chemicals and a methodology for many years meant up to 85% reduction in freight rates (supply of 540 tonnes of chemicals has been reduced to 80 tons) and> 90% reduction in packaging as well as easier storage and handling.

Life cycle analyzes performed in collaboration with KTH in Stockholm shows incredibly large environmental savings for this product / method, with more than 85%, inter alia, greenhouse gases, etc. In connection with these products rampage on the market, thousands of tons less cargo produced major savings even financially. Products' inherent properties have the highest environmental status and is "Swan" mark.
In the retail Kemibolaget with the brands CLEAN & OCEAN been "trendsetters" of eco-labeled products that really make clean at low temperatures and extremely low dosage. Among other Best in Test in the Consumer Agency test 1993, 1995 and 1998.

Among other future products OCEAN DubbelDryg -a super concentrated detergent-, recently launched. The product is designed to reduce emissions, transport, and easier handling for the end consumer. A lifecycle assessment carried out by KTH shows that this product is> 75% less global warming impact against other "normal dosing" detergent.